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Welcome to IRHA Businessmen Services

IRHA Businessmen Services is one of the professional service providers in Dubai, UAE, offering a comprehensive range of PRO services. Here are some of the key PRO services provided by IRHA Businessmen Services:

Visa and Immigration Services

Employment Visas
Processing visas for employees, including initial applications, renewals, and cancellations.

Investor Visas
Assisting investors in obtaining visas to live and work in the UAE.

Family Visas
Helping with the application and renewal of visas for family members.

Residency Visas
Managing residency visa applications and renewals.

Emirates ID
Assisting with the application and renewal of Emirates ID cards.

Document Clearing and Processing

Government Submissions
Submitting documents to various government departments such as the Department of Economic Development (DED), Ministry of Labour, and Immigration.

Document Tracking
Ensuring documents are processed in a timely manner and tracking their progress.

Trade License Services

License Issuance
Assisting with the issuance of new trade licenses.

License Renewal
Managing the renewal process for existing trade licenses.

License Amendments
Handling amendments to trade licenses as needed.

License Cancellation
Assisting with the cancellation of trade licenses.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Assurance
Ensuring that businesses comply with all local laws and regulations.

Regulatory Filings
Assisting with necessary regulatory filings and updates.

Legislative Updates
Advising businesses on changes in local legislation and ensuring compliance.

Government Liaison

Representing businesses in dealings with various government entities.

Process Facilitation
Facilitating communication and coordination with government departments to expedite processes.

Issue Resolution
Resolving issues and obstacles related to governmental procedures.

Translation and Attestation

Certified Translation
Providing certified translation services for legal and business documents.

Document Attestation
Assisting with the attestation and notarization of documents by relevant authorities.

Legal Recognition
Ensuring documents are legally recognized and accepted.

Administrative Support

Office Space Rental
Assisting with finding and renting office space.

Office Setup
Helping with the setup of office infrastructure and facilities.

Administrative Staffing
Providing administrative staff support as needed.

PRO Services for Individuals

Personal Documentation
Assisting with obtaining and renewing driving licenses, health insurance, and other personal documents.

Family Visa Services
Helping with the application and renewal of family and dependent visas.

IRHA Businessmen Services aims to provide comprehensive and efficient PRO services to help businesses and individuals navigate the regulatory and administrative landscape in Dubai and the UAE.

Obtaining a trade license in the UAE can be streamlined and simplified with the help of PRO services. Here's how PRO services can make the process of acquiring a trade license easier:

Steps for Obtaining a Trade License with PRO Services

Initial Consultation

Business Activity Selection
PRO services help you choose the appropriate business activity based on your business goals and the regulations in the UAE.

Business Structure
Guidance on selecting the right business structure (e.g., LLC, Free Zone Company, Offshore Company).

Name Reservation and Initial Approval

Trade Name Registration
Assistance with reserving a unique trade name that complies with the UAE's naming conventions.

Initial Approval
Obtaining initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or relevant free zone authority.

Preparation of Documents

Document Drafting Drafting necessary documents such as the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

Legal Translations
Providing certified translations if documents are not in Arabic.

Submission of Documents

Government Liaison
Submitting documents to the relevant government authorities and handling any follow-up queries.

Payment of Fees
Assisting with the payment of required fees for document processing and license issuance.

Office Space and Tenancy Contract

Office Solutions
Helping find suitable office space that meets the legal requirements for your business activity.

Tenancy Contract
Preparing and registering the tenancy contract with the necessary authorities.

Final Approval and License Issuance

Document Verification
Ensuring all documents are verified and in order.

Trade License Issuance
Collecting the trade license from the relevant authority and delivering it to you.

Benefits of Using PRO Services for Trade License Acquisition

Expert Guidance Knowledgeable Advice
PROs provide expert advice on the best licensing options and processes tailored to your business needs.

Regulatory Updates
Keeping you informed about any changes in regulations that might affect your business setup.

Time Efficiency

Faster Processing
PROs have established relationships with government authorities, which can expedite the processing time.

Delegated Tasks
They handle all administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Error Minimization

Accurate Documentation Ensuring all documents are correctly prepared and submitted, reducing the risk of errors and rejections.

Compliance Assurance
Making sure your business complies with all local laws and regulations from the outset.

Cost Savings

Avoiding Fines
Proper handling of paperwork and adherence to regulations help avoid potential fines and penalties.

Resource Optimization
Saves costs associated with hiring in-house administrative staff for handling government-related processes.

Hassle-Free Experience

Single Point of Contact
A dedicated PRO handles all aspects of the trade license acquisition process.

End-to-End Service
From initial consultation to license issuance, PRO services cover every step, providing a seamless experience.

Types of Trade Licenses PRO Services Can Assist With

Commercial License
For businesses engaged in trading activities.

Industrial License
For companies involved in manufacturing or industrial activities.

Professional License
For service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.

Tourism License
For businesses in the tourism sector.

Freelance License
For individuals working as freelancers in various professional fields.

By leveraging the expertise and services of a PRO, businesses can navigate the complexities of obtaining a trade license in the UAE with ease, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met efficiently and effectively.

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