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About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (KSA), in the middle of the MENA region, is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the world. KSA has a diversified economy and welcomes companies of all levels, with big plans for 2030. With cheap energy costs and complete foreign ownership in the retail and wholesale sectors, it offers a secure and stable business climate.

There are five company structures available to businesses, LLC and JSC included.

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Advantages of Setting up in a Saudi Arabia (KSA)

What are the advantages of starting your company on the mainland, and how do they differ?

Tax Incentives

Tax Benefits: Government-provided advantages to encourage certain behaviors or investments, typically through deductions, credits, or exemptions in taxes.

Customs Benefits

Customs benefits mean perks given by governments for easier international trade, like skipping tariffs or having simpler rules and faster processes.

Foreign Ownership

When people from different countries can own things or businesses in another country where they're not originally from.

Simplified Regulations

Government making it easier for businesses by not making rules too complicated, so it's easy to understand and follow.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The stuff and places that help make life and business easier, like roads, buildings, and utilities.

Access to Markets

The chance to reach and sell to lots of people in different places, helping business grow.

Set Up a Company in the UAE Saudi Arabia: Step-by-Step Instructions

Starting a business in Dubai is simple with IRHA Businessmen Services. We can help you set up in a Saudi Arabia, on the mainland or offshore.

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