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A Dubai Free Zone license is a type of license that permits entrepreneurs to conduct business activities within the designated Free Zone areas in the UAE and internationally. The Free Zone authorities in Dubai are responsible for issuing trade licenses for Free Zone companies.

Benefits of Setting Up in Dubai Free Zone

Establishing your company in a Dubai Free Zone provides numerous benefits, including:

Strategic Location: Dubai Free Zones offer a prime geographical position that connects businesses to key markets across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
Tax Benefits: Enjoy significant tax advantages, including no personal income tax and low corporate taxes within the Free Zones.
Full Business Freedom: Operate without restrictions, with the flexibility to engage in a wide range of business activities tailored to your needs.
Government Support: Benefit from various government initiatives and incentives designed to support and encourage business growth within the Free Zones.
Access to a Large Market: Leverage Dubai's diverse and rapidly expanding market, characterized by strong purchasing power and abundant opportunities.

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About Free Zones

Free Zones are designated economic zones where trade enjoys special tax and customs advantages. Originally established to enhance global commerce in the region, they grant perks like full foreign ownership of companies. The UAE boasts more than 50 Free Zones, some catering to all industries while others focus on specific sectors.

Set Up a Company in the UAE Free Zone
Step by Step Instructions

Starting a business in Dubai is simple with IRHA Businessmen Services. We can help you set up in a free zone, on the mainland or offshore.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in a Free Zone

Setting up a mainland company in the UAE demands a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements and the company formation process. Collaborating with UAE-based business setup consultants can greatly simplify this complex process for overseas entrepreneurs. These consultants offer invaluable expertise and local knowledge, ensuring that every step of your company setup is handled efficiently.

By partnering with a business consultant, you gain a trusted advisor who will take the time to understand your unique business goals and vision. This personalized approach ensures that you can confidently navigate the intricacies of establishing a successful business on the Dubai mainland. With their support, you can focus on your core business activities while they manage the regulatory and administrative tasks, setting the foundation for your business success in the UAE.

Key Documents for Free Zone Company Registration

To ensure a smooth and efficient company setup process, it's important to prepare the correct and valid documents beforehand. Here’s a list of essential documents you will need to submit to the relevant authorities:

Copies of Passports and Visas
Two Passport-Sized Photographs
Entry Visa and Stamp Pages

Please note that the specific documents required may vary depending on the type of business activity, the company structure, and the Free Zone authority. For a comprehensive list tailored to your needs, consult with Shuraa Business Setup experts who can guide you through the document requirements and ensure compliance with the relevant authorities.

How to Set Up a Company in a Free Zone

Choosing the Business Activity
The first step is to select your business activity. Dubai Free Zones offer a wide range of business operations, each with unique financial requirements. Costs can be fixed, variable, essential, or optional, depending on the chosen activity.

Registering Your Company Name
Your company’s name should reflect its identity. Avoid offensive language and well-known corporate names. Check name availability with the respective Free Zone authority and register the name with Shuraa Business Setup. The company registration fee is a one-time payment made to the Free Zone authorities during this process.

Deciding Your Company Structure
Selecting the appropriate company structure is crucial. The structure and chosen Free Zone impact the setup cost. You can establish one of two types of companies
Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)
Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
Note: Not all Free Zones accept both types of businesses. Verify with individual Free Zone authorities.

Applying for the License
The cost of a Dubai Free Zone license is a key recurring expense. Free Zones offer various license options based on the type of business activity. Shuraa’s experts can guide you through selecting the right license and understanding the associated fees. Obtain your trade license once all prerequisites are met.

Applying for Visas
After obtaining your license, apply for your residence visa and any visas for family members. This grants you legal status as an investor and allows you to conduct business in the Free Zone. The number of employee visas issued is based on the license package. A residence visa is also needed for opening a personal bank account, sponsoring family members, renting property, or applying for a driver’s license.

Choosing Your Office Space in a Free Zone
Verify with the respective Free Zone which businesses are allowed on their premises. For example, DMCC accommodates energy, commodities, technology, construction, FMCG, shipping, and education businesses, while DIFC is suited for financial and non-financial businesses. Leasing office space is mandatory to obtain your business license. Free Zones offer various desk spaces based on the number of employees and business activity.

Dubai Free Zone Company Setup Costs

The cost of setting up a company in a Dubai Free Zone depends on various factors, making it difficult to provide a precise figure. However, the basic cost typically ranges from AED 12,900 to AED 30,000. These factors include the business activities you plan to engage in, your business requirements, workforce size, type of license needed, rental fees, miscellaneous expenses, and more.

While some Free Zones in Dubai may have higher costs, it's crucial to consider how your chosen Free Zone will impact your company's long-term success. Shuraa Business Setup experts can help you determine the exact cost of forming a Free Zone company in Dubai, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Set Up Your Company in Dubai

Full Foreign Ownership

Free Zone companies can be entirely owned by foreign investors, allowing for complete control over the business without the need for a local partner or sponsor.

Tax Advantages

Zero Corporate Tax: Most Free Zones offer a zero corporate tax rate for an initial period, which is often extendable.
No Personal Income Tax: There are no personal income taxes, making it financially beneficial for business owners and employees.
No Import or Export Duties: Goods imported or exported from the Free Zone are generally exempt from customs duties.

Full Repatriation of Profits and Capital

Businesses can repatriate 100% of their profits and capital, ensuring financial flexibility and control.

Streamlined Business Setup

Free Zones provide a simplified and efficient company registration process, often with dedicated support services to assist with legal and administrative requirements.

Advanced Infrastructure

Free Zones in Dubai are equipped with modern infrastructure, including advanced telecommunications, logistics, and office facilities, providing a conducive environment for business operations.

Strategic Location

Free Zones are strategically located near major ports, airports, and business hubs, facilitating easy access to global markets and enhancing trade opportunities.

Diverse Range of Business Activities

Free Zones cater to various industries, such as technology, media, finance, healthcare, and logistics, allowing businesses to select a Free Zone that best suits their specific needs.

Flexible Visa Solutions

Free Zones offer flexible visa solutions for investors, employees, and their dependents. The residency visa process is typically streamlined and efficient.

No Currency Restrictions

There are no restrictions on currency movements, making financial transactions and operations with international markets easier.

Comprehensive Business Support

Many Free Zones offer additional business support services, including networking opportunities, business advisory services, legal assistance, and marketing support, helping businesses grow and thrive.

Access to a Skilled Talent Pool

Dubai’s global business hub status means Free Zone companies have access to a diverse and skilled talent pool, essential for business growth and innovation.

Enhanced Confidentiality

Free Zones often provide higher levels of confidentiality for businesses, protecting the privacy of business owners and their operations.

Simplified Import and Export Processes

Businesses in Free Zones benefit from simplified customs procedures, making it easier and faster to import and export goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About
Setting Up in a Dubai Free Zone

A Dubai Free Zone is a designated area within the UAE where businesses enjoy special benefits and regulatory exemptions, such as tax advantages and 100% foreign ownership.
The choice of Free Zone depends on your industry and specific business needs. Each Free Zone specializes in certain sectors such as technology, media, finance, healthcare, or logistics. Researching and selecting a Free Zone that aligns with your business activities is crucial.
The setup process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the Free Zone, the type of business, and the completeness of the application.
Yes, Free Zone companies can sponsor residence visas for their owners, employees, and their dependents. The number of visas available depends on the size of the office space and the Free Zone’s specific regulations.
Yes, Free Zone companies must renew their licenses annually. This process typically involves submitting updated documents and paying renewal fees.
Choose the appropriate Free Zone for your business.
Select a business activity and type of license.
Submit the required documents, including passport copies, business plan, and application forms.
Pay the necessary fees.
Receive your business license and complete the registration process.
Secure office space within the Free Zone.
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